The Museum of William Henry Fox Talbot is located at Lacock Abbey

Discover the birthplace of photography

Located in the picturesque village of Lacock, Wiltshire. Built on the old foundations of a former Nunnery the building has Lacock Abbey with it’s unique character and architecture styles is one of the places to visit in the county. Visitors can expect to find great examples of Medieval rooms, Cloister court & a Tudor Courtyard.

Two of the Harry Potter movies were filmed at Lacock Abbey and as you wander through the corridors and rooms you can see why it was chosen.

The Museum itself celebrates the achievements of a former Lacock resident, William Henry Fox Talbot. Who is famous for his important contributions to the invention of Photography. Fox Talbot is considered as one of the founders of modern photographic processes.

In 1835, Fox Talbot created the first ever photographic negative. It was taken of a small window at his home, Lacock Abbey.

There is much to see at the Fox Talbot Museum, you can lean about the man, William Henry Fox Talbot and his word with Photography. The Museum has an extensive collection of historical photographs and often has exhibitions showcasing various photographers work.

Lacock attracts many visitors a year including celebrates. When celebrating the summer exhibition ‘Travels with Michael Palin‘, the photographer Basil Pao who was responsible for photographing all of Palin’s travels visited Fox Talbot Museum as well as the man himself, Michael Palin.

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